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how to change a light globe


Changing a light bulb can be a easy as home maintenance and DIY, sometimes it can be difficult. However, there are important safety procedures to follow. People are unsure how to go about changing a light globe so we have put together a simple process they can help. If you have any problems with changing a light bulb our vehicles are stocked with lots of different types of light globes and we would be happy to assist. We also have long ladders so we can get to the hard to reach lights.

How to Change a Light Bulb

Step 1: Turn the power off

To make sure this is done in the safest posable way power needs to be turned off to the light before starting. If it is a plug in lamp un plug it from the wall or if its a fixed light go to the switch board and turn the lightings circuits off if you are unsure on this just turn the main switch off this will disconnect power to all the property.


Step 2: Take the cover off

Take the cover off the light fitting if it has one it will be held on with screws or a twist and pull should remove it.

Step 3: Replacing the Light Bulb

Standard Light bulbs generally come in two types ES Edison screw or BC bayonet cap. The screw bulbs need to be twisted anticlockwise to be removed. Bayonet bulbs need to be pushed down then twisted anticlockwise and pulled to be removed.

Step 4: Getting the right replacement

Now that you know how the globe comes out this will tell you the type of globe you need wether its ES Edison screw or BC bayonet cap.

Other things to keep in mind are:

  • Can you replace it with a more energy efficient bulb like a LED.
  • The colour out put: do you want warm white, natural white or cool white. Visit our page that explains the difference in globe colours.
  • How bright to you want it. This can be difficult now with LED as they become more efficient. Two different brands might have the same wattage and the lumens ( Light out put ) can be different.

Step 5: Putting the bulb in and testing to check if it works

Now you have the new bulb you need to put it in the light fitting following step 3 but twisting clockwise will achieve this. Once the bulb is in, put the cover back on and turn the power back on. If the light doesn’t work after switching the switch you will need an electrician. Give us a call at Metro Electrical 24 Hour Electricians and we can come and fix the issue.

Step 6: Dispose of the old globe

Glass light bulbs are very fragile, be careful when disposing of old globes . If the bulb breaks the shards can cut someone. Fluorescent tubes, compact fluro bulbs (CFLs), HIDs and metal halides all contain mercury and need to be safely recycled through your local council.