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Stay cool in summer

Installing ceiling fans throughout your property can be a great way to you can improve air circulation and temperature control. Ceiling fans can be an important installation for an industrial setting, residential settings as well as for multi residential housing.

If you need help troubleshooting a ceiling fan installation or you would like assistance with the installation process of a ceiling fan, contact Metro Electrical 24 Hour Electricians today. Any new ceiling fan should be installed by electrician as it can be a dangerous process if you are unlicensed. Connections to the electrical wiring within your home need to be made with these types of fixtures. If they aren’t properly wired the fan may not be able to support its own weight, it could grow unbalanced or it may never perform effectively.

By using our electrical team at Metro Electrical 24 Hour Electricians in Perth Australia we can install wide range of ceiling fans. Whether you need a larger industrial style ceiling fan or you might be interested in getting an electrical ceiling fan that works via remote, we can install almost any make or model that you may have. If you are needing a brand-new wiring to facilitate the installation of the ceiling fan or you are needing an installation of a replacement ceiling fan of that was there originally, we can make sure that the installation process runs smoothly.

Metro Electrical 24 Hour Electricians are available to install new ceiling fans within homes and properties with ease. Our electricians can help you troubleshoot any wiring issues, test the fan and make sure that you don’t put yourself at risk during the installation process. Contact us today if you need to swap out your old ceiling fan or install a brand-new fan for your home.