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Lighting is a large component of getting the look you are after for your home or business. By understanding effects of different light colours, you can know you will get the result you want. Studies have shown that when the colour temperature is right for a required area or activity in a home, workspace the results can be dramatic. It can increase alertness, productivity, improve concentration, energise people or calm and relax them. The Kelvin temperature scale is how the colour of light is measured, lighting from light bulbs ranges from 2000K to 7000K different shades of white.

Some specialty applications such as jewellers and watch retailers use lighting 6,500K or higher, in order to accentuate the sparkle of diamonds and the shine of the metals. Butchers quite often use a light that is below 1500K to produce a red/ pink light that make the meat look more fresh and juicy.

Have you ever noticed how lighting can affect your mood? Light therapy studies have found that different light colours can affect your moods.


Do you feel relaxed when the lighting is dim and a warm yellow?

Do you feel energised on a sunny day or in natural light?

Do you feel more alert at a office or factory?

How to choose the right colour for your lighting

  • Warm White Light: ranges from 2000K to 4000K. This warm white light produces a calming and relaxing light that is great for homes, hotels or restaurants. It gives of a romantic candle light through to a sunset light feel.
  • Natural / Daylight White Light is in the 4000K to 5000K range. This cool and clean with a hint of warmth white light this colour most closely mimics sunlight, This is good for work environments because it helps increase productivity and promotes a positive environment helping you concentrate.
  • Cool White Light ranges from 5000K-6000K. This is a crisp and clean white light with a hint of blue. This is good in commercial and industrial applications. This keeps you alert and awake and can be quite harsh