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THE DANGERS OF VIR CABLES (Vulcanised Indian rubber)

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THE DANGERS OF VIR CABLES (Vulcanised Indian rubber)


Is your wiring up to Australia’s Electrical safety standards?

It can be dangerous to have a series of electrical items inside your property that are not up to code. Under the best practice in electrical wiring throughout Perth Australia, the safety standards have changed over time. Reliable electrical wiring is now made with updated materials that are less prone to failure and less prone to becoming dangerous.

Proper electrical maintenance in Perth Australia with inspection can help to prevent disaster and by eliminating some of the previous standards which can be dangerous today we can make sure that you can get a reliable electricity supply without the chance for extensive damages.

Vulcanised Indian rubber or cables that were used throughout Australia up until the 1950s. If you are living in a home that has not been inspected in some time, it could be possible that the cables that can be found throughout your home may actually be made up of VIR cables. The big problem with these cables is that they are insulated by cotton and this can form a threat for electrical fires as well as for electrocution during replacement.

If you’re trying to do any type of electrical work throughout the home, there is a chance that replacing these wires could grow very difficult and be a threat to the homeowner. VIR wiring unfortunately does not age well and as a result it can often lead to inconsistent power flow, the greater chance of a fire and more. Any power points that have been produced with this wiring need replacement immediately and this is where our professional electricians can help.

By contacting Metro Electrical 24 Hour Electricians for service, you can make sure that the dangers of these cables can be replaced and that you can enjoy a power system that is traditionally safer than these outdated components.