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Environmental Health and safety practices

Metro Electrical 24 Hour Electricians offer environmental and safety policies as part of any of the services that we provide. As professional electricians we feel strongly about keeping safe

on the job site as well as keeping the environment safe in the process. As part of our environmental and safety policy we are committed to ensuring that our work is safe and environmentally friendly.


At Metro Electrical 24 Hour Electricians we want to deliver a healthy work environment that is also minimally invasive to the environment. We want to ensure that all of our work is conducted in a manner that can eliminate the risk of injury to our team members and to the surrounding environments that we work within.

Our management consistently provides updates to health and safety practices to make sure that we are implementing the best business improvements. The effort on the part of every one of our electricians also ensures that we can deliver improvements across the board with the efficiency, waste reduction and safety management techniques on every job site.

We feel strongly about the implementation of these associated rules and policies for every one of our employees. As every member of our workforce is a representative of our brand and our company, we want to help with the elimination of hazards associated with our work, by investigating preventative action and adjusting our processes so that we can work smarter and safer on every new job site.

We observe all regulations and acts under the codes of practice of our industry as well as publish our own rules and regulations as a companywide directive. We want to ensure that our policy more than adequately reflects the requirements of Perth Australia electricians and goes the extra mile to improve a green initiative within our business.