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Changing power connection from pole to pillar is safer and more secure in severe weather conditions and removes the need for tree pruning. It improves the appearance of the street and can increase the value of your property. This changeover reduces personal safety hazards, including fallen power lines caused by storms or car accidents. Metro Electrical electricians can manage all your underground power needs for domestic, sub-divisions and commercial premises.

We liaise with Western Power on your behalf and organise all the paperwork involved in the pole to pillar change over after you have made your application to Western Power and have been approved. To change to underground power, you will need to apply to Western Power for an underground pole to pillar conversion.

Our team of highly qualified and skilled electricians have the equipment and expertise to install your underground consumer mains cabling. This is the cable that connects your property to the pillar which Western Power connects your underground power to. We can provide this service to properties throughout Perth and surrounding suburbs. To find out if we can provide this service in your area, contact our team on 0448 777 744 today.

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Metro Electrical is accredited by Western Power to provide pole to pillar services in Perth. We work with Western Power on your behalf to make sure the transition from pole power to pillar connection goes smoothly with no delays in power shutdown other than when it’s necessary. If the power is to be temporarily interrupted, you must advise Western Power of anyone at the property who relies on life support equipment.

Once you have applied to Western Power for a pole to pillar conversion and have the approval, Western Power will install a pillar near the front of your property. We will then install the consumer mains cabling from the pillar to your meter box and will contact Western Power when we are carrying out this work. Western Power will come and disconnect power from the pole to your property and then connect power to your new pillar. Our electricians can make the transition very simple for you by liaising with Western Power to organise the project after you have made your application to Western Power and have been approved.


The process of getting your overhead power lines converted to underground power will start with you applying to Western Power for a quote, and to see if it’s possible to convert your overhead supply to an underground supply. See the Western Power link below for more information.

Once your pole to pillar process has been improved by Western Power, the following steps need to be completed:

  • Western Power will provide you with a MP number this is also referred to as the project number. You will need to provide this to us along with your address and meter number if you are unsure what your meter number is just send us a photo of your meter, this is located in your main switch board.
  • Western Power will install the new green dome that we will be connecting your underground supply mains cable to.
  • Once the green dome is installed, we can provide an accurate quote. We’re unable to provide a quote before this stage as it is unknown what side of the property Western Power will install the green dome/pillar.
  • If there is a green dome/pillar previously installed you will still need to apply with Western Power to be given permission to connect to it.
  • Our quote includes the installation and connect stage. Two site visits are necessary, one for installing the new mains supply cable from the green dome to the switch board and one visit for the connection stage. The quote will include supplying and installing the new mains cable and digging of the trench for the mains cable, unless otherwise specified. Most overhead power supply to underground conversions are priced between $1000-$2000. This does not include the fees and charges that Western Power charge.
  • Now that the green dome is installed, we can install your new underground mains connection. Your old overhead power supply will stay connected at this stage, so you still have power.
  • We will then proceed to submit our ticket to Energy Safety and Western Power, once they have received our ticket, they will contact us to arrange a connection date. This generally takes 2-4 weeks.
  • On the connection day, we will be there along with Western Power to disconnect your overhead power supply and connect your new underground mains supply. This usually takes approximately 30 minutes to an hour; this is the only time you will be without power.

Please note: Our quote will need to be paid in full before starting the installation of the new underground mains cable.


To get started on changing your power from pole to pillar, contact us today. Or get in touch with our team on 0448 777 744.