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RCD (safety switch)

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RCD safety switch

RCD (safety switch)

Save your loved ones from harm install a residual circuit device today!

RCD stands for Residual Current Device it detects any current leakage in the circuit and automatically cuts off the electricity to the circuit that is leaking.

Electrical safety in home, commercial or industrial buildings is a matter of prime importance, and certainly not something to take a chance with. Electrical safety is essential to ensure a safe and secure household or working environment for your family or employees.

No individual likes to put their lives at risk, living or working at a

place with no electrical safety switches. Electrical circuit faults may cause a short circuit, electric shocks, fire or even electrocute someone. This is why it is important to install an electrical safety switch, like an RCD or a Residual Circuit Device and a circuit breaker

Metro Electrical 24 Hour Electricians offers a complete round-the- clock emergency service to provide you with electrical support when you need it for your home or office. If you have a RCD that needs testing, or faulty, or outdated then we are only a call away, at any hour! RCD’s require strict testing accordance with the regulatory Energy Safety set by the government.

How Safety switches for electric circuits protect you

This type of circuit protection device can save lives from potential electric shock, at homes or in any commercial or industrial complex by detecting supply imbalance or current overload if combined with a circuit breaker known as a RCDMCB, Interrupting the circuit the circuit breaker effectively stops power flow, cutting electric supply to the circuits within 30 milliseconds, and saving one from potentially mortal harm.

An RCD is so effective at detecting current leakage, they have become the standard for electrical safety norms across the world since the 1980-90’s. RCD’s however, cannot protect in case of dangerously or excessively high current flow through the circuit, or overheating, fire hazard due to current overload or circuit fault if there is no current leakage, which can be prevented by using a circuit breaker. For this reason, an RCD’s may be integrated into a circuit breaker called a RCDMCB, (Residual Current Device Miniature Circuit Breaker). In case an individual directly contacts any conductors or faulty appliance the current will not return back through the RCD, it will disconnect the power to that circuit. Most modern fuse boxes have RCD’s, or MCB’s which are incorporated into them.

All RCD’s today come with a ‘test’ button and a ‘reset’ button. The ‘test’ button simulates a current leakage or fault and cuts off power supply to the connected circuit. This indicates that the installed RCD is in operating condition. If you test your RCD and it doesn’t disconnect the power or wont turn back on after you test it and live in Perth, contact us at Metro Electrical 24 Hour Electricians any time day or night and we will come and get you back up and running.

Our experienced teams of electrical tradesmen have provided the most reliable and cost effective service with complete guarantee of satisfaction and your safety is our priority. We have been servicing Perth for manny years now which is testimony to our clients trusting us with their safety of their home and commercial and industrial offices in Perth.

Safety switches can save lives, so why hesitate?

For apartments and strata buildings or commercial complexes or any complexes with big electrical supply requirements the use of a distribution board or a breaker panel is where you will find the RCD’s and circuit breakers.

A distribution board segments electric power supply into separate subsidiary circuits, and uses a circuit breaker or protecting fuse for each corresponding circuit, within the circuit network in a commonly shared public complex or commercial complex. In case of high voltage risk for electric shock, many buildings should have an earth leakage circuit breaker RCD to protect the occupants of the building.

When it comes to providing on demand 24/7 services of a local electrician, or immediate needs for electrical repairs and the whole works concerning electrical service for household, commercial or industrial complexes in Perth, the services offered by Metro Electrical 24 Hour Electricians is unmatched. We offer the most professional group of electricians dedicated to serve you at any hour, to solve all your electrical issues at home or at work.

Don’t put your life at risk. There can be no compromises with safety!

At Metro Electrical 24 Hour Electricians , Perth we understand the needs of every sort of customer in our city, and we value their trust in our service; which ranges from:-

  • Electrical contracting Repairs
  • Maintenance Renovations Installations
  • Quality control advice
  • Of all types of household, commercial and industrial electrical setups and devices
  • Energy conservation management reports, and much more.
  • Our services can provide you with the complete package; give you the best advice, a dedicated and earnest service, and all this at an unbeatable cost.

Safety standards: the government cares for you, don’t ignore the law

As of 2009, by decree of laws implemented by the Government of Western Australia’s Department of Commerce and Energy Safety, it is mandatory for all home sellers and landlords to provide with at least two RCD’s for their property. This decree has been put to effect with the best interest of safety and living convenience for all citizens, ensuring an even distribution of a property’s circuits to each of the two RCD’s. The reason for two RCD’s are so there is a availability of power supply from at least one circuit while the other may be temporarily cut off if there is a fault.

All properties constructed as of the year 2000 are also to be fitted with at least two RCD’s by law. A violation of any terms listed under the decree, can cause penalty of up to AU$15,000 for an individual and at least AU$100,000 for a corporate outfit. Since the implementation of this law, electric safety standards have risen significantly. You should test your RCD every three months or as is mentioned on their RCD safety switch manual to make sure it is functioning correctly.

It is quite often we come across an old RCD’s that has been in a switch board for many years that has never been tested and when we test it we find that it is faulty and needs to be replaced. New occupants or tenants of any property are always in the need for the services of an electrician at a short notice for several reasons; the installation and testing of RCD’s, surge protectors and circuit breakers being one of the major reasons for their emergencies.

At Metro Electrical 24 Hour Electricians we care about your safety and are always waiting to help you. Not only with RCD’s, we also offer services to connect your premises with MCB’s integrated to RCD’s and any other electrical safety configuration you require.