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Data cabling and phone services

Running a home office in Perth Australia or attempting to set up a business in Perth, it’s very important that you have access to an electrician for running new phone line and handling cabling. Old data and phone cables as well as cabling that you install yourself, can lead to severe drop-offs in your business. Whether you would like to install modern data points or network outlets throughout your property for an office, for home stereo systems, for phone lines throughout your home and more, working with a qualified electrician will help to disguise wiring and cabling throughout your home.

Metro Electrical 24 Hour Electricians are available to install premium quality network and data lines. We want to make sure that you can maximise your Internet speeds and your ability to handle data throughout your property. Our company comes fully licensed and we can make sure that you are getting the best possible connection quality with our cabling installation. Whether you need an upgrade for your phone line, Lan cables run or NBN points, we can make sure that the process of maintaining your home communications or industrial communications throughout your property can be made easy.

If you are continuously having dropout issues or problems with your electrical data, you should highly consider the idea of getting a better signal quality through our testing solutions. Metro Electrical 24 Hour Electricians can assess your current needs as well as make recommendations for data and phone cabling that could improve the capabilities of your property. We can find faults in your wiring and cabling using our advanced technology. We want to make sure that any disruption for your business or communications can be found and replaced. This is a service from Metro Electrical 24 Electricians that could help you to experience far less downtime!

If you need assistance with running cable throughout your property, contact Metro Electrical 24 Hour Electricians today.

Data cabling and phone services we provide

  • Phone line fault finding
  • New phone points
  • New data points
  • Wifi extenders and repeaters