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Gas Instantaneous hot water systems

A very popular choice amongst customers is Gas Instantaneous hot water systems. New generation Gas Instantaneous hot water systems don’t use a pilot light any more saving on gas. Now they plug into a power point that uses a spark to ignite the gas only when the water is flowing so they don’t waist any energy saving you a lot of money. If you currently have a Gas Instantaneous hot water systems that needs replacement or would like to upgrade your old storage hot water systems to a continuous flow Gas Instantaneous hot water system, get in contact with our Electricians or our plumber and we put together a package price for you.

Electric Instantaneous hot water systems

Electric Instantaneous hot water systems are small in size and can be put just about anywhere.

Electric instantaneous hot water systems heat only as much water as you need when you need it , They are good for small offices or units that don’t require a lot of hot water. Electric Instantaneous hot water systems come in single phase and three phase units depending on your mains supply.

The Benefits of Instantaneous over Storage Hot Water units

Storage hot water system stores a limited amount of hot water within the tank, as this hot water is used cold water then enters the storage tank to replace the hot water used. The electric element heats the water in the tank up to temperature. If you are using a large amount of hot water with a storage system you could run out of hot water because storage systems take time to re heat water.

Storage hot water system are cheaper to purchase than an instantaneous hot water system but the on going cost is much cheaper with a instantaneous hot water system, by not wasting energy when it is not in use and the on going maintenance cost lower. So generally instantaneous hot water system can be a better choice. The only contradiction to this is heat pump storage hot water system they are generally the cheapest to run but can be fairly expensive to purchase another down side heat pump storage units is they can be fairly noisy.