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how to save money on electricity



Fluorescent globes

Fluorescent globes use much less energy than incandescent globes or halogen down lights. Compact Fluorescent Lights can replace incandescent globes that are not on a dimmer, they are very cheap to run and can pay for themselves in about 6 months depending on use. They last much longer and an incandescent globe many years in most cases.

It is ok to turn fluorescent lights off when you leave the room for a few minutes it is an old myth that it is saves energy leaving them on.

how to save money on electricity

LED Globes

More LED globes are now becoming available and at a more cost affective price to buy. They are more efficient than compact Fluorescent globes and last even longer. Compared to a normal incandescent globes they are about 80% more efficient.


Save power and money with dimmers. looking to get a dimmer installed save on energy costs but installing a dimmer also increases the life of the light bulb. By reducing the wattage of the light source, less wear and tear of the light bulb results increasing lamp life.

Separate your lighting

Separate the lights so you can choose which areas to light.

How many lights are on?

Turn off lights in the rooms you’re not using.

Microwave oven

Thaw food in the freezer/fridge first to reduce cooking time. Microwaves use less energy than an oven. When using an oven, avoid continuously opening the door.

Using the stovetop

Keep lids on pots when cooking to reduce the amount of time and energy used. Dinner will be cooked faster too.

10 Tips to save energy and money

  1. If your dishwasher can generate its own hot water, use this function it’s more efficient than using hot water from a storage hot water unit
  2. Defrost food naturally instead of using the microwave
  3. Using a microwave or toaster is more efficient of the oven or stovetop
  4. Avoid opening oven doors too often – each time you do the temperature drops by up to 15°C
  5. Fridges and freezers operate most efficiently when they’re full but not overloaded
  6. Set your freezer at 18°C and your fridge between 2°C and 5°C for greatest efficiency
  7. Leave space around the back of your fridge or freezer for air to circulate this will help remove heat and your appliance will last longer
  8. Avoid placing your fridge or freezer next to your oven or stove, or in direct sunlight
  9. Use cold water for the kettle this is more efficient than using hot water
  10. Leaving your TV on standby could cost around $150 a year. Using a dryer could cost around $95 a year instead of air drying.

Power Meters

Power Meters will help you uncover your energy hungry appliances and start reducing your power bills!

Use a Power Meter Avoid bill surprises and get greater control of your energy bills. The display unit lets you see what you’re using and spending on energy in real time. Choose to see your energy now, today, this week or this month. You can also view by energy used by watts per hour or by cost in dollars.