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Charge all your devices at once

So many modern devices today charge up using USB power points. Having access to extra USB power outlets throughout your home or your property can lead to extra convenience in maintaining all of your technology. Adding this convenience to your property may be an extremely inexpensive fix and with a little rewiring inside your home or business, you can have convenient USB power points available to yourself or to your staff at any time.

Working with one of our licensed electricians at Metro Electrical 24 Hour Electricians can be one of the best ways that you can get USB power points installed inside your home. Metro Electrical 24 Hour Electricians can serve Perth CBD and the surrounding metro area. We can easily swap out some of your electrical power points to include USB interfaces or add additional USB interfaces to a current power point.

As licensed electricians we can install standard 240 V power sockets as well as USB charging sockets with your outlets. The nice part about installing some of these outlets throughout your home or through business is that there is no need for a bulky transformer or charger in order to get a quality charge or to run a specific device. These are units that can easily charge up everything from media players to smart phones, to cameras and everything in between.

The types of outlets that we can install can range from standard USB configurations all the way down to double USB socket standards along the wall outlet. USB power points are reasonably easy to install but it is a task that’s best reserved for a licensed electrician. Contact our staff today at Metro Electrical 24 Hour Electricians if you are interested in getting these fixtures inside your property. With our help, you can make sure that your devices can charge with maximum efficiency and that everyone within your commercial property or home can have access to a USB powered outlet.